Choosing my domain name

Your domain name (or DNS) is your address on Internet, i.e. the name your visitors will need to enter in the search bar at the top of their browser to access your website.

As an example, the domain name for this website is mydigitalstory.info

The domain name also enables you to create professional-looking email addresses.

For example:  contact@mydigitalstory.info

  • Before choosing your domain name, think carefully about its meaning and comprehension for your target, including in other languages if you intend to communicate on an international scale.

    You also need to specify your extension by choosing a local extension if your target is national (.bj / .tg / .gh, etc.), one for your dedicated sector (.net, .org, etc.), or a generic extension if you have a broader audience (.africa /.com / .biz, etc.)

  • Check its availability on a search engine such as “Whois”, www.whois-raynette.fr enables you to search for domain names with generic extensions, for example. Other search engines exist for local extensions, you can find these by using the keywords “Whois + extension” in a search engine such as Google. As an example, the following search engine covers many African extensions: https://whois.marcaria.com/fr/afrique

  • Purchase your domain name. You need to go through a registrar. Compare prices as they vary from one registrar to the other. The price is generally between EUR 8 to 15/year depending on the extension. Here again, searching the keywords “purchase domain name + extension” will provide you with a list of these. In general, you purchase your domain name for one year. Remember to renew your purchase every year before it expires, as your website will be taken off-line if you fail to pay. Your domain name will then become available again and could be bought by someone else.

    The simplest solution, however, is to purchase your domain name and hosting from the same service provider.