Selecting my host

You will need a storage space for the different files (images, texts, code, etc.) making up your website. A host provides you with space on one of its servers connected to Internet in order for you to store this data.

If the hosting is free, you will have adverts on your pages as a counterpart. For a more professional result, you will need to pay for the hosting.

A shared hosting system is the cheapest option. The host stores several websites on its server, and you share the bandwidth, hard drive and resources. This costs between EUR 5 and 25 / month. This is sufficient in 90% cases for a first website. However, if some of the websites hosted are subject to visit peaks, this can lead to slower loading times for your website.

There are many hosts available: Planet Hoster, OVH, GoDaddy, 1&1 IONOS, LWS, etc. They all offer packages including domain names and hosting, usually offer user support, and sometimes a website design tool.