Optimise the layout

  • Use a layout plugin (elementor for example) to organise the elements on your website. The aim is to have certain logic and homogeneity in the navigation. Avoid having completely different structures from a page to another. A clear page is a well spaced-out page. Too many text blocks, visuals, videos, animations and buttons will harm the clarity of your content. Follow a visual logic. Use the same font and text size for the same-level content. Use the same colour and shape for all your buttons. Emphasise your action buttons (purchase, request a quote, contact, send form) with warmer colours. Use simple sentences of less than 20 words. Finally, think about your alignments. Unconsciously, the eye will struggle to stay focused or will lose the thread if your elements are not properly aligned. Additionally, make sure to always follow the same logic in the size of your margins among your text blocks (for example: the spacing must be the same between all the titles and the contents they relate to).

    TIP: If you copy a text from Word, a PDF, email, etc., first paste it in a notepad to clean it of any formatting before copying it again and pasting it in the back-office of your website. You can then re-format it according to your web charter.