Keeping my website up!

  • Regularly updated content, news on the homepage, temporary promotions, events, etc. All this incites visitors to come back and projects the image of a dynamic company, and this will also improve your website’s search engine ranking.

    Don’t forget to clean up too. An announcement on the homepage for a trade fair that took place 6 months ago will immediately render your website obsolete. Clean-ups also apply to the back-office: delete any visuals and content no longer online, this will avoid them taking up too much space and will limit errors (you don’t need to keep the price lists for the past 3 years, or the catalogue visuals for last year’s collection).

  • If you have a contact form or comments field, answer your customers and process their requests.

  • Follow your website’s statistics to optimise your content. You will be able to see traffic peaks to decide when to update, the most visited pages and potentially to be promoted, as well as know who your audience is (age, sex, location). A Google Analyctics tutorial is available to you.

  • Remember to backup your website regularly. And don’t forget to pay the bills for your domain name, hosting and content management tool every year.