Give momentum

Give momentum to your publications by setting up targeted advertising

The few rules of advertising on social networks

Create an advertising account from the start  

On the three social ads platforms, you will need to create an advertising account in the name of your company from the start. On Twitter, this account will be linked to the company account, whereas on Facebook and LinkedIn, it will be linked to the company page and personal account of the person who created it. You will need to enter both administrative information (VAT no., company registration no., etc.) and the selected payment method for the adverts.

Once the advertising account has been created, each company can configure ad campaigns on social networks.

A billing system based on bids

As on all networks, the billing is based on a bid system: you only pay once an action linked to the campaign objective is reached at a price not exceeding the price you chose. For example: for a traffic-based campaign, if the amount of your bid is 10 cents, you will never pay more than 10 cents for a click towards your website.

A/B testing: the key to a successful campaign

It is always difficult to assess how a target will react to an advert. However, the advantage of social networks is that you can test several scenarios – each with a different message and visual, and see how the target reacts. The idea is to bank on the scenario (A, B, C, etc.) that works the best. The better the target reacts, the more your budget will be optimised (the more they click, watch and like your publication), the less you will pay per click, like or view.

Welcome to Business Manager

On www.business.faebook.com, create campaigns to make some of your topics gain visibility. With this tool, you pay for Facebook to display publications to a target with interests close to those of your company.

The basics of Business Manager

There are three steps before launching a campaign.

  • Step 1: choose a campaign objective. Depending on whether you want to generate interaction on the publications, create traffic on a website or increase the number of views for a video, Facebook will optimise the campaign to meet the selected objective.

  • Step 2: determine the target and placements. Make sure to check on the gauge at the top right that the potential reach is between 100,000 and 500,000 people. Here you can choose your placements, such as only distribute on Instagram for example.

  • Step 3: select the content to be pushed onto the target to meet the selected objective.

Become a Business Manager expert

To become a Business Manager expert, follow the training available on the Blue Print platform, Facebook’s training and certification programme. Online courses and tests are available on it to help you better use Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter Ads: a simple and didactic tool to upload a campaign

To start on Twitter ads

As on Facebook, the campaign is launched in 4 steps:

  • Define the objective
  • Choose the budget and duration of the campaign
  • Next, determine the target and content
  • Check everything before launching the advert

Become a Twitter Ads expert with Flight School

Twitter Flight School provides free tutorials, sources of inspiration and practical sheets (downloadable) to help you integrate Twitter into your communications & marketing activity.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager

A specificity of LinkedIn is that each advertising account is linked to a single company page.To go further, explore www.business.linkedin.com.