Promote your brand on Instagram

Promote your brand

Historically, Instagram is the network for amateur photographers, and was therefore popularised by lovely photos enhanced by filters Taken over by B-to-C brands, the network also boasts a few success stories in the area of general media (such as the @AFPphoto account) and corporate accounts.

Build a stock of high-quality photos

Create a stock of retouched and professional photos before creating your Instagram account. This stock will enable you to supply your account as and when needed. Add a caption to each photo published as photos without captions receive less engagement. You can also insert emojis in your captions in order to humanise your communication.

Create stories every day

Stories have become key elements of a brand’s visibility on Instagram: by publishing high-quality stories every day, Instagram accounts gain visibility. This enables you to create a daily rendezvous with your community, similarly to the 9 o’clock news in the past.

To produce high-quality stories, use specialised mobile applications. Here are a few apps that can help you creating video stories easily from your smartphone:

  • Mojo App (download the iPhone version)
  • Unfold App(download the iPhone version, download the Android version)
  • Video Leap (download the iPhone version)

Conduct personal branding on your company account

Instagram is also the storytelling network. Here, you can tell the story of your company and link it to your personal story. By revealing a select part of your private life, you arouse the curiosity of Internet users and incite them to follow you.

Set up a “pull” strategy to get noticed

Without practising mass following, master the network by following accounts similar to yours, as well as liking and commenting on the publications of these accounts. Exploring the network and understanding its codes is the best way to make yourself visible in the long term.

Respond to comments and direct messages

The idea of maintaining proximity with your community is especially well-illustrated on Instagram. By responding to the direct messages and comments received on your account, you cultivate this impression and give life to your brand in the long term through real exchanges with your customers and prospects.