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Social networks are discussion spaces. For them to live, you need to contribute to them and exchange with your different communities. To create conversations, it is recommended to publish messages on your business sector and the news of the company.

There are three different publication formats:

  • Links towards external websites (e.g.: lemonde.fr): the image will automatically integrate into the publication.
  • Images and videos to illustrate a simple text.
    • Upload an image / photo (ideally in square 800 x 800 pixel format)
    • Here, the objective is to generate a maximum of likes, comments and sharing for the image, so do not add any link in the text. Optimise!

On Twitter :

On Facebook : 

On LinkedIn : 

  • Simple text 

Consists in publishing a text stating an opinion or analysis on a given subject. This type of message is mostly used on Twitter.


Find your areas of expression: brainstorm with your teams!

Before thinking about the publications themselves, pick out the stories you want to tell about your company and discuss them with your colleagues in order to build your editorial line.

A. Take stock of what already exists

The topics linked to your company

  • The business and its sector in a broad sense
  • The news
  • Your employees
  • CSR themes| Entrepreneurship, young people, women, innovation, the environment
  • New products

Major events in your country

Read the news every morning to identify the main topics discussed in the media every day.

  • Religious celebrations
  • Environmental issues
  • Arts & crafts
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Relations with France
  • Societal issues
  • Speeches by opinion leaders

Viral news

  • Cooking videos, such as Tasty
  • News videos (such as Brut)
  • Cute cat / dog images

B.Get to know your different audiences

By knowing your communities better, you will be able to send them the messages they expect.

Study who your Twitter followers are

Click on the profile of each new follower to find out who they are.

In addition to this, connect to Followerwonk.com, a free tool which gives you statistics on the composition of your audience in the “Analyze” section.

Get to know your Facebook community

In the statistics tab of your Facebook page, check out the profiles of the people who liked your page as well as the profiles of those who engaged with your content. Here, we see that the engaged population is almost exclusively composed of young adults aged between 25 and 34, and that women are more likely to interact with the content than men.

C.Conciliate your core business with your targets’ centres of interest

Once you have listed all these elements, you can start building your editorial line.