What is said about my activity

Learn to manage your e-reputation

If someone was talking about my company in a coffee shop, I would like to be a little mouse to find out what they were saying. On the web and social networks, you can do this.Sur le web et sur certains réseaux sociaux, c’est possible.

How can I find out what is being said about my company?

When used daily and several times a day, social networks are spaces that allow Internet users to be closer to the brands, as they are able to answer their questions directly. This proximity and the more accessible and less institutional tone mean internet users also share their frustrations in these spaces. This is what you need to keep an eye on.

Both on Google and Tweetdeck, refresh your browser two to three times a day to check whether there is any positive or negative feedback on your company and its sector.

With tweetdeck: follow the conversations about your company on Twitter

Before configuring the tool, make sure that you are logged into your company’s Twitter account.

In the right-hand column, click on the small magnifying glass, and add the keywords for your company. For example, for Société Générale, add “societe generale” between inverted comas and all the tweets mentioning “Société Générale” will be listed in chronological order.

Add several columns in the same manner with different expressions pertaining to your company. If customers ask questions or complain about  services, you can answer them.

With Google News: keep an eye on what the media says about your company

Enter the keywords describing your company in the search bar at the top. Any media articles that mentioned these keywords will automatically come first in the search results.