Internet in Africa

Internet in Africa: State of Play in 2019*

Global data

We are over 7.6 billion people on Earth and among us, there are:

– 4.388 billion internet users (57% penetration rate)

– 3.484 billion active users on social networks (45% penetration rate)

– 5.112 billion mobile internet users (67% penetration rate)

– 3.256 billion active users of social networks on mobile devices (42% penetration rate)


Digital in Africa

Here is the key data for 2019:

The Internet penetration rate is higher in North Africa (50%) and Southern Africa (51%). Central Africa only reaches 12%.

Ivory Coast is the African country that gained the most new Internet users in 2018  and 2019, with over 4.5 million users.

As regards the penetration rate for social networks, it follows the same pattern, with North Africa (40%) and Southern Africa (38%) in the lead.

Nigeria  is the first African country  in terms of new social network users, with over 5 million users. Egypt is the 1st African county on Facebook (39 million users) and South Africa is the 1st African country on LinkedIn (6.9 million users).

WhatsApp is still leading in Africa but is losing ground to Facebook Messenger in North Africa.

*(Sources : Hootsuite)